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Through partnerships with local universities and nonprofits, NCoC expanded the national Civic Health Index in 2008 by providing localized data in state-specific reports in California, Florida, and Ohio. NCoC now works in over 30 communities nationwide.
Title Date
Michigan Study Makes Recommendations for Improving Civic Life and Strengthening Communities2015 Michigan Civic Health Index Shows Disparities in Michiganders Civic Health Performance
A report released by the Michigan Nonprofit Association, in conjunction with the National Conference on Citizenship, measures the engagement of Michigan residents in important civic activities such as ...
November 9, 2015
New Study Shows Nebraskans Have Strong Social Connections,
Weaker Political Engagement
2015 Nebraska Civic Health IndexToday, the first-ever Civic Health Index for the state of Nebraska is released to document Nebraskans’ rates of interacting with neighbors, communicating with family and friends, being members of groups, ...
April 23, 2015
Study Shows Alabamians are Neighborly, But Lag in Taking Community Action2015 Alabama Civic Health IndexThe David Mathews Center for Civic Life, University of Alabama – New College, Auburn University’s College of Liberal Arts, and NCoC Release Alabama Civic Health Index. April 14, 2015
Hoosiers Have Close Family Ties, but Struggle to Engage with Neighbors or Take Political Action2015 Indiana Civic Health IndexThe Supreme Court of Indiana, Indiana University, the Indiana Bar Foundation, and the National Conference on Citizenship have released the 2015 Indiana Civic Health Index. March 23, 2015
2015 North Carolina Civic Health Index ReleasedIn partnership with the Institute for Emerging IssuesA report released at the Institute for Emerging Issues’ 30 th Annual Emerging Issues Forum, Innovation Reconstructed, highlights the many ways North Carolinians are and are not engaged ... March 4, 2015
Colorado’s Civic Health Strong Compared to Nation, but Not Shared by All Residents2014 Colorado Civic Health IndexThe report reveals how residents in the state engage in important civic activities such as voting, volunteering, and interacting with neighbors. Overall, the report finds Colorado’s civic health to be ... August 5, 2014
How Healthy is California?An infographic on civic health in California. June 25, 2014
Serve DC and NCoC Announce Launch of First-Ever District of Columbia Civic Health Index Mayor Vincent C. Gray, Serve DC and the National Conference on Citizenship announced the release of the first–ever District of Columbia Civic Health Index, which reveals how District residents engage ... June 17, 2014
South Carolinians are active voters, but among the least likely to take action after leaving the voting booth2014 South Carolina Civic Health Index
University of South Carolina Upstate and the National Conference on Citizenship released the  South Carolina Civic Health Index. The report reveals how residents in South Carolina engage in important ...
June 16, 2014
Ohioan’s Are Active Voters, But Among Least Likely to Take Civic or Political Action after Leaving the Voting Booth2013 Ohio Civic Health Index May 7, 2014
Missourians Among the Least Likely to Hold Regular Family Dinners, Discuss Politics, and Attend Community Meetings2012 Missouri Civic Health Index ReportReleased as part of a major collaboration, part of a major collaboration, the Missouri Civic Health Index reveals how Missouri residents engage in important civic activities such as voting, volunteering, ... January 18, 2014
Join Us, Help Build an Engaged Nation April 9, 2015
Texas Ranks Among Lowest in Nation for Political Participation and Civic Involvement2012 Texas Civic Health Index2012 Texas Civic Health Index June 4, 2013
GACHI Home Page Teaser 2012 Georgia Civic Health Index Shows Civic Health Requires a Boost 2012 Georgia Civic Health Index May 30, 2013
2012 Oklahoma Civic Health IndexCivic Skills and Voter EducationA 2012 report on the state of civic health in Oklahoma, produced in partnership among NCoC, University of Central Oklahoma, and Oklahoma Campus Compact. December 4, 2012
2011 Ohio Civic Health IndexNew civic health data for the state of Ohio, as well as the cities of Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati. April 4, 2012
Civic Engagement of Millennials in FloridaFlorida Civic Health Index 2011 January 17, 2012
New York Civic Health Index 2011Striding ForwardA 2011 report on the state of civic health for the state of New York. Produced in partnership with the Siena Research Institute and New Yorkers Volunteer. December 5, 2011
Golden Governance: 2011 California Civic Health IndexBuilding Effective Public Engagement in California October 25, 2011
Indiana Civic Health Index 2011A report exploring the civic health of the state of Indiana. September 14, 2011
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