The Civic 50

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About the Program
Launched in 2012, The Civic 50 is a national initiative to survey and rank S&P 500 corporations on how they engage with the communities they serve and institutionalize these practices in their corporate culture. Specifically, The Civic 50 recognizes companies seeking to best use their time, talent, and resources to improve the quality of life in the communities where they do business.

The survey was developed by the nation’s definitive experts on civic engagement, the National Conference on Citizenship and Points of Light. Bloomberg News, one of corporate America’s most respected sources of business and financial information, is the media partner. The survey is powered by True Impact.

The Civic 50 Mission: to identify the 50 most community-minded companies in the nation.

The Civic 50 Values:
--The business sector plays a critical role in engaging and empowering communities.
--Working in partnership with government, nonprofits and individuals, corporate leaders should focus their civic engagement programs (CEP) on solving community problems by effectively contributing the expertise and resources of their businesses and employees.
--A corporate culture of civic engagement is institutionalized when a business aligns its CEP strategy with its underlying business competencies.

2013 Timeline:
June 5, 2013: Program launches and survey opened to all S&P 500 corporations
June 5-August 16: Survey in the field for company completion
June 27: First Technical Assistance Webinar (links coming soon)
July 22: Second Technical Assistance Webinar (links coming soon)
August 16-November 21: Evaluation and data analysis
Late fall: Results published and celebration event for participating companies
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