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Service to community and to others are critical ways individuals give back to community. Acts of service including formal volunteering through and organization, and less formal ways of helping others, such as working with neighbors to fix a community problem. Another way many people choose to give back is through charitable giving and philanthropy.

NCoC believes to address community issues and challenges in any area, research must be collected, discussion must occur, and solutions must be proposed. Here, you can see research, discussion, and solutions associated with giving and volunteering. This is meant to help explain and animate that focus area, as well as facilitate the process of moving from information to action within it.
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Giving & Volunteering Research

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Infographic: Social Media’s Impact on Giving in 2012An infographic detailing the many ways social media has helped facilitate online giving in 2012. December 17, 2012 blog
Volunteering Among Americans Hits Five-Year HighParents of school-aged children volunteer at higher rate than overall population; schools are an essential hub for civic activityVolunteering and Civic Life in America, released today, finds the national volunteer rate reaching a five-year high, and all types of civic engagement play an important role in community vitality. This ... December 12, 2012 civic health index
Network for Good Reaffirms Digital Philanthropy Trends in 2011Insights and Trends on Charitable EngagementOn March 5, 2012, Network for Good released the The Network For Good Digital Giving Index 2011, which provides important insights about digital philanthropy. Key findings include that people seem to ... March 13, 2012 publication
Where and Why People DonateAn infographic from YourCauseYourCause, a provider of global employee engagement solutions, has recently produced this interesting infographic on where and why people donate to causes. January 3, 2012 publication
To get into college... John Kultgen, Senior Associate Editor, DoSomething.orgA new study from, FastWeb and JPMorganChase finds that college admissions officers look at more than just GPA and test scores before they send acceptance letters. Colleges and Universities ... December 29, 2011 publication
A Call to Peace: Perspectives of Volunteers on the Peace Corps at 50To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps, Civic Enterprises and the National Peace Corps Association released A Call to Peace: Perspectives of Volunteers on the Peace Corps at 50 , a new ... October 13, 2011 publication
Civic Health and UnemploymentCan Engagement Strengthen the Economy?This Issue Brief explores the relationship between civic engagement and economic resilience. September 16, 2011 publication
States with More Civic Engagement Have Experienced Less UnemploymentCivic Health and Unemployment: Can Engagement Strengthen the Economy? September 16, 2011 civic health index
Report Shows Majority of Americans Civically Engaged in Their CommunitiesBoomers and Older Adults Rank High Across Several Key Categories of Civic EngagementBetween 2008 and 2010, a majority of Americans were civically active in a variety of ways, working with others to improve their communities, according to the 2011 Civic Life in America: Key Findings on ... September 15, 2011 press release
What Does Volunteering in America Look Like?An Infographic of Service August 9, 2011 discussion
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Giving & Volunteering Discussions and Commentary

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Volunteering in America 2010CNCS study finds largest single-year service increase since 2003The Corporation for National & Community Service (CNCS) released their annual Volunteering in America (VIA) survey; it indicates that while volunteerism rates have been affected negatively by the economic ... June 15, 2010 discussion
AmeriCorps Week events celebrate national serviceThe 2010 AmeriCorps Week is being celebrated May 8-15, to spotlight the vital work done by AmeriCorps members in communities since the national service program began 16 years ago. Since 1994, there are ... May 6, 2010 discussion
Wrap Up: Global Youth Service DayCongratulations to our friends at Youth Service America (YSA) for their successful 22nd annual Global Youth Service Day, celebrating children and youth who improve their communities through service and ... May 4, 2010 discussion
Serve America Act: One Year LaterIndividuals recognize Edward M. Kennedy legacyLast April, President Obama signed a large piece of federal legislation to support service and civic engagement initiatives, the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act. The Act received truly bi-partisan ... April 26, 2010 video
What’s in a Generation?Are stereotypes being replaced by a society-wide call to do good?Stereotypically, Millennials are characterized as engaged, while their sibiling generation, Generation X is classified as apathetic. But statistically, this engagement gap could be questioned. Both ... February 16, 2010 discussion
All Volunteer ForceCivic Lives of Our Newest Generation of Veterans“All Volunteer Force: From Military to Civilian Service,” a report written by Civic Enterprises, and underwritten by Target and the Case Foundation, finds that the overwhelming majority of ... November 11, 2009 publication
The Legacy of Senator KennedyThe citizenship world lost a dear friend today. Senator Kennedy served in the United States Senate for 47 years and often authored landmark legislation. Through the recently passed Edward M. Kennedy ... August 26, 2009 discussion
The Opportunity Cost of Civic EngagementThe cost of community involvement during a recessionRecent studies have shown interesting and varied levels of correlation between community involvement around the United States and its direct connection to the economy. UCLA sociology professor Jennie Brand ... August 12, 2009 discussion
Serving Food CNCS Releases “Volunteering in America” reportFrom the passage of the Serve America Act and the launch of United We Serve to the recent National Conference in San Francisco, it has been an exciting few months for service and volunteering. Keeping ... July 28, 2009 discussion
Dig There’s No Stimulus Like Serviceby John Bridgeland and Alan Khazei“Democrats in Washington say the nation needs more jobs. Republicans say the economic stimulus isn’t working fast enough.” In a Politico op-ed, NCoC advisors John Bridgeland and Alan ... July 17, 2009 op-ed
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Giving & Volunteering Solutions