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Scott Heiferman


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Scott Heiferman is Founder and CEO of Meetup, an organization dedicated to 21st century community organizing. Millions of people, in over 100 countries, now use Meetup to self-organize local community groups of all kinds, with thousands of Meetups (real community meetings) happening daily. Scott believes that everyone can benefit from a support group or community group, and he subscribes to the idea that "We are the ones we've been waiting for."

Meetup is now self-sustaining, growing fast, and pursuing a long-range goal of a "Meetup Everywhere about Most Everything" which would lead to everyone having access to a local community group when needed. Meetup is primarily a technology operation, with a team of 60 based in NYC. Investors include eBay, Allen & Company, Omidyar Network, DFJ, Union Square Ventures, Esther Dyson, and others.

Scott is an angel investor and advisor to startups including Betaworks, which is an investor in Twitter. Previously, Heiferman co-founded Fotolog, currently a top social network in South America, and i-traffic, a top online ad agency in the 90s. He graduated from The University of Iowa, and went on to work at Sony with the title "Interactive Marketing Frontiersman". Scott received the Jane Addams Award from the National Conference on Citizenship and was named the MIT Technology Review "Innovator of the Year" for his work on Meetup when it became the grassroots backbone of the Howard Dean presidential campaign in 2004. He tweets @heif