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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: Exploring the Link Between Civic Engagement and Employment

Civic Health and Employment

February 16, 2012
NCoC is excited to announce we are adopting an annual theme for our 2012 programming: "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: Exploring the Link Between Civic Engagement and Employment."

In September 2011, NCoC and partners released "Civic Health and Unemployment: Can Engagement Strengthen the Economy?" It found that states and cities with higher civic engagement rates saw less growth in unemployment during the height of the recession.

NCoC found this to be an exciting connection, but we want to understand its depth and rationale further, and will be working with the Knight Foundation and other partners to do so. Accordingly, NCoC is committed to focusing our 2012 research and convenings toward exploring this topic. We will do this in a few ways:
We aren't sure what we will find along this journey, but we are excited to explore this connection in order to understand if and how communities with strong civic health can thrive economically, as well. We hope you will join us. Throughout the year, we will summarize what we're hearing and learning and share it with you here at We will also present what we hear at our 67th Annual National Conference on Citizenship, hosted in partnership with the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia this September.
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